The Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Agri-Food Robotics: AgriFoRwArdS.

The CDT follows an anonymous recruitment process. In order to ensure your application is processed correctly please read the below information before submitting your application form. The link to the application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why do we use anonymous recruitment?

We want to ensure all applicants have equal and fair opportunities.

Our anonymous recruitment process ensures no identifying data is presented to the shortlisting panel at shortlisting stage. This is essential to ensure we continue to follow our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (click here for more information), not only to remove gender bias but to ensure all applicants have equal and fair opportunities.

What do I need to do?

We ask that you support us, in the anonymous recruitment process, by ensuring that you do not enter any identifying data within the application form, unless specifically directed to. This includes any information which may result in identification of characteristics, such as age, gender, nationality, etc.  (For example: ‘I am a mature Indian Student’).

You will be specifically asked to submit certain identifying data (i.e. name, contact information, etc.) but please rest assured that this information will be removed, prior to your application being sent for shortlisting. We can also confirm your diversity data will not be made available, to the shortlisting panel, at any stage during the recruitment process.

What is identifying data?

Identifying data refers to any personal information which may reveal your identity.

Examples of identifying data include (this list is not exhaustive): name/title, age/date of birth, gender/sex, ethnicity/race, nationality, residency, disability, contact information (address, email address, phone number), religion/philosophy, photograph, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinions, health.

Once you have read and understood the above, please click here to begin your application.

If you have any questions regarding the anonymous recruitment process please email us at