AgriFoRwArdS Team ‘Highly Commended for Support Service of the Year’

The AgriFoRwArdS Team received prestigious acknowledgement this week, after being recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for Support Service of the Year, at the University of Lincoln Students Union (SU) Awards on Friday 27th May 2022.

Nominations were made by the students themselves, making this award very highly valued by the AgriFoRwArdS Team. This once a year event, is celebrated with a black tie dinner and ceremony, where winners and commendations are chosen by the SU VP Team from all the student nominations.

An AgriFoRwArdS student nominee said that the team ‘do a brilliant job in supporting us at work and caring for our wellbeing‘.

The AgriFoRwArdS Team recognises the importance of consistent support throughout each student’s journey. 50 students will go through the programme over five consecutive cohorts, and each student is seen as an individual, supported in a number of ways. Examples of the support offered include timely communications; an open-door policy; regular cohort meetings with the Academic Lead to allow 2-way communication; feedback is heard and responded to; projects are bolstered with technical support; and communication commences before students even enrol in the programme to create a sense of belonging and to alleviate nerves prior to arrival.

Kate Smith, the AgriFoRwArdS Project Manager said, ‘We have the opportunity to really help the students make a positive impact on their lives. To build their confidence, to help them spring board onto their next steps and increase their skills, and to let them know that they are accepted.  We see each student as an individual, and are very aware that their experience within the CDT will help shape them. The nomination was very gratefully received by the team, who work hard to ensure that the students are supported and their wellbeing cared for.’

Following the Awards Ceremony, another student advised that ‘it is the continued support from these awesome people that makes the AgriFoRwArdS CDT the best place in the country to do robotics‘.

What better reason is there for the team to feel motivated to continue what they do!