AgriFoRwArdS Projects

Below are the projects undertaken by the AgriFoRwArdS Students. To find out more about a project, visit the student’s profile page.

MSc Projects

MSc Project TitleStudentDatesSupervisor
Semantic Segmentation of Plant Leaves from 3D Point Clouds using Deep LearningKaroline Heiwolt2019-2020Prof Tom Duckett
Residual Physics for Grasp Failure PredictionGrzegorz Sochacki2019-2020Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
Leaky Integrate Neuron Model for Multi Robot Task AllocationRoopika Ravikanna2019-2020Dr Alan Millard
Investigation into Harvesting Soft Fruit ClustersWillow Mandil2019-2020Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
Multi-Agent Simulation for Pickers and Runners at a Strawberry FarmAmie Owen2020-2021Prof Elizabeth Sklar
3D image segmentation of potato sprouts in a controlled environmentBradley Hurst2020-2021Dr Nicola Bellotto
Machine Learning for the Detection of Weeds among Sugar BeetsGrey Churchill2020-2021Prof Simon Parsons
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Control of Robotic Manipulators for Grasping Strawberries in SimulationElijah Almanzor2020-2021Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
Simulation of Liquid Crystal Elastomer Robotic GripperHaihui Yan2020-2021Dr Khaled Elgeneidy
Investigation of the use of Geometric Algebra for robotic kinematic and dynamic analysis with applications in selective harvestingHaris Matsantonis2020-2021Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
Deployment: the next stage of machine learningHarry Rogers2020-2021Dr Charles Fox
Lifelong Learning for Sensor-based Precipitation RegressionJack Foster 2020-2021Prof Simon Parsons
Optimal Control for Agricultural Spraying RobotJoshua Davy2020-2021Dr Charles Fox
Detection and Segmentation of Fish in RGB-D imagesMazvydas Gudelis2020-2021Dr Nicola Bellotto
Multi-robot crop monitorNi Wang2020-2021Dr Alan Millard
Non-destructive mass estimation of iceberg lettuceWilliam Rohde2020-2021Dr Nicola Bellotto
Exploring trust towards TIAGo’s behaviour during the completion of an agriculture-related taskAlex Elias2021-2022Maria Galvez Trigo
Augmented Reality to Help Humans Solve Complex ProblemsBethan Moncur2021-2022Maria Galvez Trigo
Synthetic Image Generation Pipeline for Weed Detection in FieldsCallum Lennox2021-2022Dr Junfeng Gao
Inverse Reinforcement Learning Applied to the Correspondence ProblemEmlyn Williams2021-2022Dr Athanasios Polydoros
Applications of Distributed Ledger Technologies in RoboticsGarry Clawson2021-2022Dr Charles Fox
Developing a Line-scanning Hyperspectral Imaging System for Monitoring Potato Plant StatusJames Bennett2021-2022Dr Junfeng Gao
Augmented reality enhancement for a museum robot to improve accessibility and inclusivityJames Tombling2021-2022Dr Patrick Dickinson
Surface reconstruction of point cloudsKyle Fogarty2021-2022Dr Petra Bosilj
Long-Term Visual Teach & Repeat in Agricultural EnvironmentsNikolaos Tsagkopoulos2021-2022Prof Marc Hanheide
Augmenting autonomous systems to improve agronomy effectivenessPaul-David Zuercher2021-2022Prof Marc Hanheide
Improved Control of Invasive Plant Disease Epidemics Using Partially Observable Markov Decision ProcessesRachel Trimble2021-2022Prof Simon Parsons
Learning robot navigation from demonstrationsSamuel Carter2021-2022Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani
Making MACARONS: Modular Automated Crop Array Online SystemVijja Wichitwechkarn2021-2022Dr Charles Fox
Automatic aphid counting based on yellow water pan trap imagery and deep learningXumin Gao2021-2022Dr Junfeng Gao
Training strategies for domain generalisation in object detection for autonomous drivingAfsaneh Karami2022-2023Dr Petra Bosilj
Addressing geographical domain shift for quantification of UK road verge biodiversityAndrew Perrett2022-2023Dr Petra Bosilj
Scaling the Spheres: Exploring the Impact of Physical Size on the Performance of Spherical Robots in Agricultural SettingsAndrew Simpson2022-2023Dr Grzegorz Cielniak
Comparative Study of Graph-Based Methods for Coverage Path Planning: An Analysis of the Minimum Spanning Tree vs. the Nearest Neighbours AlgorithmCalvin John2022-2023Dr Charles Fox
Application of microfluidics and chemical bar-coding to produce a Multi-Input Multi-Output controllers for growth culture tuningJack Bradley2022-2023Prof Xujiong Ye
Human detection and body posture recognition for human-robot collaborative applicationsPrabuddhi Wariyapperuma2022-2023Dr Leonardo Guevara
Object manipulation using model-based reinforcement learningYi Zhang2022-2023Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani

PhD Projects

PhD Project TitleStudentDatesPrimary SupervisionCollaboration
Low-Cost Dextrous Robots for Food and Tool HandingGrzegorz Sochacki2020-2024Prof Fumiya Iida Beko
4D Scene Analysis for Autonomous Operation of Mobile Robots on FarmsKaroline Heiwolt2020-presentDr Grzegorz Cielniak [Prof Tom Duckett, Sep 2020 – Mar 2021]Saga Robotics
Fleet Management of Autonomous Agricultural Robots with Human AwarenessRoopika Ravikanna2020-2024Prof Marc HanheideSaga Robotics
Data-driven methods for detecting fruit and planning harvesting actions in dense cluster (DPFH)Willow Mandil2020-presentDr Amir Ghalamzan EsfahaniBerry Gardens
Intelligent Automation for Hygiene Maintenance in Food Production SettingsAmie Owen2021-presentProf Elizabeth SklarCampden BRI
Active Robot Perception for Automated Potato PlantingBradley Hurst2021-presentDr Petra BosiljJersey Farmers’ Union
Machine learning-based vision for “green-on-green” sprayingGrey Churchill2021-presentProf Simon ParsonsSyngenta
Automation and Robotization of the Planting of the ‘Jersey Royal’ PotatoesElijah Almanzor2021-presentProf Fumiya Iida Jersey Farmers’ Union
3D Printing Soft Robotic Grippers for Automated Strawberry HarvestingHaihui Yan2021-presentDr Sebastian PattinsonDyson Farming
Design and implementation of a machine vision system to promote precision agriculture innovation using novel Geometric Algebra techniquesHaris Matsantonis2021-presentProf Joan LasenbyMathWorks
Closing the Loop on Precision SprayingHarry Rogers2021-presentProf Beatriz De La IglesiaSyngenta
Collaborative Lifelong Learning for Robust Site-Specific Crop ManagementJack Foster 2021-presentDr Alexandra BrintrupDyson Farming
Analysing Videos of Fish in the FieldMazvydas Gudelis2021-presentDr Michal MackiewiczCEFAS
Autonomous monitoring and control of crop growth as a feedback systemWilliam Rohde2021-presentDr Fulvio ForniG’s Growers
Co-creation and trust to address regulatory, ethical and interactional challenges in Digital FarmingAlex Elias2022-presentDr Carolina Camacho VillaManufacturing Technology Centre
Deciding to implement emerging technologies: the help of digital technologies in planning for the implementation of robotics and autonomous systems in food manufacturing firmsBethan Moncur2022-presentDr Letizia MortaraSamworth Brothers
Real-time vision-based spot spraying development for high efficiency and precision weed managementCallum Lennox2022-presentProf Elizabeth Sklar [Dr Junfeng Gao, Oct 2022 – Mar 2024]Douglas Bomford Trust
Robot Learning from visual demonstrations of agricultural harvesting tasksEmlyn Williams2022-presentDr Athanasios PolydorosDogtooth Technologies
Designing Food Supply Chain for Nutritional Delivery and TraceabilityGarry Clawson2022-presentDr Mukesh KumarDyson Farming
Seeing Spectral SignaturesJames Bennett2022-presentProf Graham FinlaysonAntobot
3D Modelling of Natural StructuresKyle Fogarty2022-presentDr Cengiz Öztireli
Low-cost interactive systems to optimise operator performance in the agri-food industryPaul-David Zuercher2022-presentDr Thomas Bohné
Using reinforcement learning to optimise adaptive control of invading plant disease epidemicsRachel Trimble2022-presentDr Nik CunniffeDefra
Learning robot navigation and manipulation from demonstrationsSamuel Carter2022-presentDr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani2 Sisters Food Group
Crop-agnostic optimisation for vertical farmsVijja Wichitwechkarn2022-presentDr Ruchi ChoudharyZero Carbon Farms
AphidNet: automatic aphid recognition and counting based on field water trap imagery by deep learningXumin Gao2022-presentDr Grzegorz Cielniak [Dr Junfeng Gao, Oct 2022 – Mar 2024]British Beet Research Organisation
Robust Robotic Fleet Management for Warehouse Operations James Heselden2022-presentDr Gautham DasDogtooth Technologies
Understanding and mitigating the problem of highlights in remote sensing with application to coastal surveyingAfsaneh Karami2023-presentProf Graham FinlaysonCEFAS
Multi-modal fusion for remote biodiversity surveys of linear green infrastructureAndrew Perrett2023-presentDr Petra BosiljNorfolk County Council
Designing Scalable Robotic Systems for Next-Generation Agriculture: A Technological PerspectiveAndrew Simpson2023-presentProf Richard Harvey
A GNSS/RTK Localization-based Agri-Robot Digital Twin for Precision Agri-tasks in Crop FieldsCalvin John2023-presentDr Edwin RenCHC Tech Limited
Bioreactor arrays for analysis and control of food production using genetically modified microbes Jack Bradley2023-presentDr Somenath BakshiDyson Farming
Human sensing methodology based on affordable sensors for human-aware navigation in agricultural scenariosPrabuddhi Wariyapperuma2023-presentDr Leonardo GuevaraBerry Gardens
Data-driven autonomous robotic food handlingYi Zhang2023-presentDr Fulvio ForniRT Corporation
Beyond a shadow of a doubt: land surveying in the real worldSean Chow2023-presentProf Graham FinlaysonCEFAS