Seminar Series Archive

You can view all previous AgriFoRwArdS Seminar Series talks below.

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2022/23 Series

Belinda Clarke (Agri-TechE) – Agri-Tech for 21st Century Food Production and Land Management

Richard Bowden (University of Surrey) – Perception for Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Richard Leggett (Earlham Institute) – Towards in-field automated real-time analysis of biological samples using nanopore sequencing

Dr Michal Mackiewicz (University of East Anglia) – From Fields to Seas: Computer Vision for Analysis of Orchard Surveys and Remote Electronic Monitoring of Fisheries

Prof Harold Thimbleby (Swansea University) – Poor research: and how to improve it

Dr Letizia Mortara (University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing) – Communicating Technology Intelligence: A Practice Guide

2021/22 Series

Prof Megan Povey (University of Leeds) – Food reassurance, sustainability, robotics and sensors

Ali Capper (National Farmers’ Union) – Making Research Relevant to Farmers & Growers

Dr Ayse Kucukyilmaz (The University of Nottingham) – Dynamic Role Allocation and Shared Control in Human-Robot Collaborative Teamwork

Dr Mark Ryan (Wageningen University & Research) – Ethical and Societal Considerations for the Development and Use of Agricultural Robots

Prof Dionysis Bochtis (Aarhus University) – The digital transformation of agricultural production – advancements, opportunities, and challenges

Charles Nicklin (IAgrE) – Agricultural Engineering and the role of the IAgrE

2020/21 Series

Dr Nik Cunniffe (University of Cambridge) – Modelling the spread and control of plant pathogens

Eliot Dixon (Agri-EPI Centre) – An introduction to Agri-EPI Centre and the challenges faced in agricultural robotics

Rebecca Ward (University of Cambridge) – Building integrated agriculture – a physics-based simulation approach for optimisation of environmental conditions

Professor Alan Winfield (University of the West of England) – Towards responsible agricultural robotics

Professor Marc Hanheide (University of Lincoln) – Working with and along-side humans in agricultural robotics

Professor Elizabeth Sklar (University of Lincoln) – Practical Methods for Shared Decision Making in Human-Robot Teaming

Professor Alison Smith (University of Cambridge) – Algae for Food – enhancing nutritional value and reducing waste

Mr Iain Flint (G’s Growers) – Horticulture and the Path to Farming 4.0

Dr Richard Harrison (National Institute for Agricultural Botany) – Designing plants for robots

Professor Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour (University of Lincoln) – Sustainable Supply Chains, Smart Technologies and Covid-19 Pandemic: Research Opportunities and Challenges

Professor Simon Pearson (University of Lincoln) – Acceleration robotic automation of farming systems

Dr Matthew Howard (King’s College London) – Automation through grower-reprogrammable robotics

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