Research areas within the CDT include Mobile Autonomy; Manipulation and Soft Robotics; Sensing and Perception; Fleet Management; Human-Robot Collaboration; Robot Vision; Robot Learning; Robotic Mapping; Robot Task Planning; Robot Navigation; Swarm Robotics; Human-Robot Interaction; Systems Integration; Agri-Robotics; Food Manufacturing.

All of these topics may be applied to a diverse range of real-world challenges, from soil preparation, seeding, monitoring, scouting, weeding, spraying, selective harvesting and on-site grading, through to food processing, manufacturing and supply chain optimisation.

For further details on the research areas, groups and facilities available to students at the different partner institutes in the CDT, including members of the MSc delivery team and potential PhD supervisors, please refer to the following links:

University of Lincoln

A panorama photo of the Isaac Newton Building at the University of Lincoln.

Isaac Newton Building – University of Lincoln

University of Cambridge

University of East Anglia

Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry (robotic manipulators, mobile robots, flexible manufacturing cells).