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Recruitment for October 2023 entry to the AgriFoRwArdS CDT is now open.

New Application Form Oct 21
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Before starting the online application form, please download and complete the AgriFoRwArdS CDT Application Supporting Information Form.

Please save the completed form, as you will be asked to upload this to the application at a later stage.

Shortlisting panels are ONLY provided with the information contained within this document, panels do not review the information provided on the application form itself, or documents such as CV and transcripts until a shortlisting decision is made. Therefore, it is essential that this form is completed correctly, and in full. Should this document not contain the relevant information for a shortlisting decision to be made, it may not be possible to continue processing your application. Instructions for completing the form are included in the form itself.

As the information in this document will be provided to the shortlisting panel, please ensure you do not include any identifying data in the Supporting Information form (find out more about anonymisation here).

Please ensure you complete all sections marked with an asterisks (*). Failure to do so may result in your application not being shortlisted

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