EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Agri-Food Robotics: AgriFoRwArdS - Sean Joseph Chow_Photo

Sean Chow

  • University of East Anglia

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Convolution Neural Networks, Image classification, AMR.

About me

Through my interest in technology, I have developed a longstanding interest in robotics, computer science and engineering. My passion for these specific technologies has led me to research in computer vision, novel machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks that drives innovation in robotic automation.

Prior to joining the University of Lincoln as an MSc student, I participated in a collaboration with Siemens Rail Automation where our team introduced a modern tracking and automated signaling solution experimented with GPS-R powered by the LoRa module to help bring down the fatality rate and cost for the southwest railways.  I also worked as a lab technical assistant in data analyses for a coral research project in the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP), City University of Hong Kong. This placement increased my awareness in the ever-increasing importance of computer vision in cutting edge environmental research.

More recently, I worked with AEL(HK) on the CLP critical auxiliary outage project and HKPC Biogas. I challenged myself by shouldering the design of a health and safety monitoring systems utilizing infrared thermography and Cmake’s machine learning face recognition capabilities, that helped in keeping work sites open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am currently a PhD candidate at UEA’s world leading Colour and Imaging lab. With this incredible opportunity garner to a wide gamut of experience and knowledge, I wish to be a part of implementing advanced computing technology to the industry.