Acknowledgement Guidance for Authors

Acknowledgement of EPSRC in scholarly journal articles – Guidance for Authors

EPSRC include in their Terms and Conditions of award, a requirement for researchers to acknowledge, in any publication, the support received from EPSRC.  The guidance below will explain the standard format required for the acknowledgement of EPSRC. This is so that the Funder can discover what publications have arisen, from the research they have funded, without difficulty.

It is recommended that all published research articles should have a funding acknowledgement in the form of a sentence as follows, with EPSRC written out in full, followed by the grant number in square brackets:

This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [EP/S023917/1]

It is also recommended that ALL authors listed in a research publication should provide the relevant grant information to the corresponding author.

Researchers also deposit their publications in the University’s repository.  Researchers should also provide the information, in the same format, when depositing articles into any repository.

Open Access Publication

EPSRC and UKRI believe that the results of publicly-funded research should be shared as widely and as freely as possible and be easy to re-use – what’s know as open access.

Funding for open access arising from Research Council- supported research will be available through a block grant, awarded directly to research organisations.

We therefore request that your publications are open access.

Find out more about the UKRI/EPSRC guidelines on open access here, and the open access policy here.