AgriFoRwArdS Projects

Below is listed the projects undertaken by AgriFoRwArdS Students.

Residual Physics for Grasp Failure Prediction; MSc Project by Grzegorz Sochacki (2020)

Semantic Segmentation of Plant Leaves from 3D Point Clouds using Deep Learning; MSc Project by Karoline Heiwolt (2020)

Leaky Integrate Neuron Model for Multi Robot Task Allocation; MSc Project by Roopika Ravikanna (2020)

Investigation into Harvesting Soft Fruit Clusters; MSc Project by Willow Mandil (2020)

Low-Cost Dextrous Robots for Food and Tool Handing; PhD Project by Grzegorz Sochacki in collaboration with Beko and under the primary supervision of Dr Fumiya Iida (2020 – present)

4D Scene Analysis for Autonomous Operation of Mobile Robots on Farms; PhD Project by Karoline Heiwolt in collaboration with Saga Robotics and under the primary supervision of Dr Grzegorz Cielniak (2020 – present) [Primary Supervisor Prof Tom Duckett 2020- March 2021]

Fleet Management of Autonomous Agricultural Robots with Human Awareness; PhD Project by Roopika Ravikanna in collaboration with Saga Robotics and under the primary supervision of Prof Marc Hanheide (2020 – present)

Data-driven methods for detecting fruit and planning harvesting actions in dense cluster (DPFH); PhD Project by Willow Mandil in collaboration with Berry Gardens and under the primary supervision of Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani (2020-present)

Multi-Agent Simulation for Pickers and Runners at a Strawberry Farm; MSc Project by Amie Owen (2021)

3D image segmentation of potato sprouts in a controlled environment; MSc Project by Bradley Hurst (2021)

Machine Learning for the Detection of Weeds among Sugar Beets; MSc Project by David Churchill (2021)

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Control of Robotic Manipulators for Grasping Strawberries in Simulation; MSc Project by Elijah Almanzor (2021)

Simulation of Liquid Crystal Elastomer Robotic Gripper; MSc Project by Haihui Yan (2021)

Investigation of the use of Geometric Algebra for robotic kinematic and dynamic analysis with applications in selective harvesting; MSc Project by Haris Matsantonis (2021)

Deployment: the next stage of machine learning; MSc Project by Harry Rogers (2021)

Lifelong Learning for Sensor-based Precipitation Regression; MSc Project by Jack Foster (2021)

Optimal Control for Agricultural Spraying Robot; MSc Project by Joshua Davy (2021)

Detection and Segmentation of Fish in RGB-D images; MSc Project by Mazvydas Gudelis (2021)

Multi-robot crop monitor; MSc Project by Ni Wang (2021)

Non-destructive mass estimation of iceberg lettuce; MSc Project by William Rohde (2021)